Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Passing of a Great Club


As the Checker Club of America continues its downward slide to a faded memory at least we’ll be able to remember probably its last big meet.   Tim and Zandra Bowers organized a great event that will go down as one of the better shows. 

A very well run event, the main event was the plant tour of the AM General MVI taxicab plant in Mishawaka, Indiana.  In addition to the plant tour, participants had a chance to tour the Studebaker Museum.


As usual the club had a mindless committee meeting Saturday morning where the board literally begged to have new board members participate in saving the club from its ultimate doom.   Equally mind numbing was the Friday night new web site demo. 

At least fifteen minutes was wasted explaining the difference between Facebook and message boards.  More troubling was, that it seemed like the club board members are oblivious to the fact that the new site is just a rehash of the old Checker Taxi Stand implemented in 2004. 

In the eleven years since its initial inception there has been great technological strides in file sharing tools, photo library enablement and social media,  its highly unlikely that the new/old paid members section will draw new members. At a rate of 10-15 percent losses in membership each year, the clubs future is questionable.

Checkers are getting older and so are the club participants. The show size and venues are smaller now and its sad to say,  so too are the number of Checkers that actually show up to the event.  This years events had about 25 vehicles on display in South Bend.

Thankfully the upcoming Hershey show is being hosted by a non CCCofA board member.  It's not widely publicized,  but the Checker shows are organized by people outside of the club board and these selfless people generate their own funding, noting comes from the club.  The club rides the coat tails of the organizer and typically steals the show to gain all the glory.  Hopefully in the future the show organizers may look for additional sponsorship from other groups to carry on the tradition. 

2016 Show organizer Edward Fox with two of the greatest Checker guys in the world: Joe Pollard and Ben Merket. Ed, we wish you the best of luck next year


The club’s official convention web site hosts a series of unflattering photos of men in the full "man-spread" position, a position illegal in the New York subway system.  We assume the intent was to depict Checkers and the diverse base of owners, unfortunately the results were photographically disturbing. 

The photos depicted here on this blog are intended to showcase the fine cars and not scare away Facebook Checker Group members.




Ben Merkel  of Middlefield, Ohio     1982 Checker



John Wilkenson of Willow Brook, IL   1981 Checker


Pete Talanca of Newton Falls, Ohio 1979 Checker


George Laszlo of Gouldboro, PA   1973 Checker Aerobus


John Weinhoeft of Springfield, IL   1981 Checker                                                                   


Rick Bergen of Kalamazoo  1981 Checker


Tim Bowers of Wausaw, IN  1982 Checker


Skinner & McClelland  Indianapolis & Chicago   1982 Checker


Steve Contarino of Haverhill, MA   Fleet of Checkers


Carroll Sickle of Rainbow City, AL   1966 Checker


Tony Mattern of North East, MD    1967 Checker


John Rabbene of Williamstown, WV   1973 Checker


Paul Worth of Quitman, GA  1972 Checker


Gary Lohsen of Lawrenceville, GA   1970 Checker



Ed Ball  of  Mount Pleasant, MI  1975 Checker



Larry Kiss of Centre Moriches    1978 Checker



Todd Harroun  Kalamazoo, MI   1982 Checker




Todd Harroun of Kalamazoo, MI     1982 Checker, note interesting bumper guards


Becky & David Carlson  Fayetteville, GA    1982 Checker


George Arnold of Syracuse, New York  1981 Checker



Geoff Rosemann of Silver Springs, MD  1969 Checker



Rick Lucius McCutchenville, Ohio  1980 Checker



Jim Garrison  Kalamazoo, MI   1980

Bill Beurkens, Illinois   1980 Checker

Michael O'Connell, Oregon, IL   1980 Checker

The luvable Ron Leatz, Ohio.............please tell us another story!

Sorry to several folks who that were missed as pictures were taken:  Rick Crawley and David Veenstra











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